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Evictions just became a whole lot harder
A recent Constitutional Court judgement has ruled that residents cannot be evicted if they would be left homeless.
Why a 2-month rental deposit makes sense for landlords
For tenants, a 2-month rental deposit may seem steep, but for many landlords it just makes business sense.
This is the reason so many eviction applications go wrong
It’s every landlord’s nightmare to find out that their eviction order has been denied by the courts. One easy step can help landlords avoid this pitfall.
Turning to social media for property advice is a BAD idea
Taking legal advice on property matters from someone on social media could end up costing you a heap of money if you act on the wrong advice.
Evictions: balancing landlord and tenant rights
Many tenants believe that they cannot be forced to vacate a property if they cannot find alternative accommodation, but this is not always the case.
The ins and outs of renting out an investment property
Tips for new landlords including whether to furnish the property, finding a great tenant and getting rid of a not so great tenant.
Your rights and obligations as a property owner or tenant
Find out about the responsibilities that both a property owner and a tenant have, when it comes to renting.
Follow the rules when dealing with a bad tenant
It is often said that the landlord renting out residential property should never go the DIY route in selecting and managing his tenants.  This, says Jacqui Savage, the Rawson Property Group ...
Dealing with an uncooperative tenant
For those landlords who rent out residential property and manage it themselves, here are some guideline sin dealing with uncooperative tenants.
Insist on a non-variation clause
Leave nothing to chance by insisting on inserting a non-variation clause in all your property contracts. Although it has been stated time and again that any changes to a contractual agreement should be reduced to writing, it ...