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High Court ruling has big implications for gated estates
A recent court ruling regarding traffic enforcement and movement of domestic workers has set the cat amongst the pigeons as far as estate living goes.
Why residential estates insist on uniformity
While homeowners may be annoyed by not having freedom of choice regarding their estate home’s appearance, uniformity does protect property values.
Pet Ownership in sectional title schemes
Pets are considered a part of the family by many and disputes around them can be an emotive issue. The STSMA lays down the rules regarding pets in sectional title schemes.
What you need to know about a Homeowners’ Association
With security a factor that is influencing home-buying decisions in South Africa, many are choosing to purchase homes within boomed off areas or secure lifestyle estates
Can your HOA stop the sale of your house?
The Home Owners Association of a scheme or development have the power to stop the sale of a unit if the homeowner has not complied with the scheme rules.
Property rates are always payable
A recent court judgment has found that property owners are expected to pay their rates in full regardless of whether they use municipal services or not.
Budget essentials for first-time buyers
Some useful advice from Betterlife Home Loans on what costs to factor into your property purchase decision.
Body corporates can't penalise the tenant
Body corporates who penalise a tenant when they have an issue with property owner, could find themselves in hot water.
Estates: ask questions before signing a sale agreement
While living in a gated community or private estate is very attractive to many because of the secure lifestyle and added benefits of amenities the estate might offer, there are some things ...
HOAs can block property transfers
Home owners associations can block the transfer of a property if the owner has not paid outstanding levies. A recent case has shed light on a matter which has seemingly been a source of conflict and confusion within property ...