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Mixed reaction to interest rate announcement
The decision by the South African Reserve Bank to leave the repo rate unchanged at 6.75% has been met with mixed reactions by the property market.
Rates decision underlines positive prospects for property
A stable interest rate environment will further boost the property market, which has started the year in a positive fashion.
Robust year for property and home loans market predicted
While 2017 was a tough year for South Africa's property market, a more investor friendly climate could give the market a welcome boost this year.
Gauteng driving the first-time home buyer’s market
After 2 previous years of decline, the number of first time buyers entering the market has stablised in 2016 and 2017.
South African Property: looking ahead to 2018
Adrian Goslett, RE/MAX CEO, looks back at how property performed this year and ahead to next year.
What are the factors that affect property prices in South Africa?
There are various factors that affect property pricing in South Africa. Find out more about the main factors that come into play.
Interest rate unchanged: property experts have their say
Private Property CEO, Simon Bray and other leading property figures give their views on SARB’s decision to leave the repo rate unchanged.
Estate agency head predicts buyers’ market for property in 2018
The property market has shifted notably over the last 18 months as the fall-out from the weak political and economic climate, poor growth and credit downgrades continue.
No change in interest rates
The MPC has decided to keep the interest rate unchanged at 6.75%.
Home buyers who enter the market now could get a double benefit
Shaun Rademeyer, CEO of BetterBond, believes that buyers should enter the market now rather than wait for further repo rate drops.