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Selling a unit when levies are in arrears
The sale of a unit in a sectional title scheme cannot go through until the outstanding debt is settled.
Can your HOA stop the sale of your house?
The Home Owners Association of a scheme or development have the power to stop the sale of a unit if the homeowner has not complied with the scheme rules.
How to go from renting to owning
Making the switch from renting a home to owning one can be daunting. Here are a few budget hacks to help you make a smooth transition.
Who pays the special levy when a property is being sold?
The payment of a special levy does not pass on to a buyer if the seller was still the registered owner of the property when the levy was raised.
Understanding the hidden costs associated with owning a home
It is important that people familiarise themselves with some of the hidden costs associated with home ownership.
Sectional title levies: cheaper is not always better
Basing a buying decision on the affordability of monthly levies is not good practice. What you are really looking for is a well-run, well-versed body corporate that knows how to balance a budget.
How your property's value impacts your rates and taxes bill
Find out more about municipal rates and sectional title rates, as well as how they are used.
The benefits of employing a managing agent
Making the decision to self-manage a complex rather than hire a managing agent can turn out to be a costly exercise.
Moving house? Consider a sectional title
If you are considering purchasing a new house, but would like to benefit from shared expenses, then perhaps you should consider a sectional title home.
Budget essentials for first-time buyers
Some useful advice from Betterlife Home Loans on what costs to factor into your property purchase decision.