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How to sell your home as quickly as possible
Selling your home quickly and for the best price can be difficult in a buyer’s market. Follow these tips to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving a good deal.
Novel sales approach for Heron Banks Golf and River Estate
Developer, Craft Homes has introduced a novel “open mandate” approach to the sale of their full title stands in the estate.
Is it time to give your agent the boot?
A good estate agent will alleviate some of the stress of selling your home. A bad estate agent will have the opposite effect, so make sure you choose well.
Selling your home: Sole Mandate or Multi-listing?
Should you go with a single agency or a number of different agencies when selling your home? Here's why you should consider a sole mandate.
Sole mandate checklist
What should you look for in an agency before signing a sole mandate agreement?
How to choose your agent
If you're new to selling real estate, the task can seem intimidating and even a bit overwhelming - but luckily you don’t have to tackle it alone.
What your estate agent should – and shouldn’t do
Once you've decided to put your house on the market, choosing your estate agent is of utmost importance.
Stranger danger!
A Facebook group discussion recently highlighted the dangers of allowing strangers into your home on a show day.
Mandates explained
A Mandate is an instruction or authority from a client to an estate agent, to render a particular estate agency service. Learn more about the different kinds of mandates.
Choosing an estate agent
Looking for an estate agent to help you sell your home? Here’s some advice you’ll want - because your choice of agent can make all the difference. Looking for an estate agent to help you sell your home? Here’s some advice ...