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Should you install solar panels in your home?
Many homeowners are choosing solar power as an alternate power source. If you are considering solar, here are some pros and cons to consider
Homes are adapting to environmental needs and challenges
With talk of man living on Mars, under water, or as is already the case, on huge new man-made islands, how will our residences adapt to the environmental needs and challenges of the future?
‘Green’ building materials the way to go
Environmentally friendly building materials are becoming more popular as the world moves towards sustainability and efficiency. Here are some ‘green’ building materials to consider.
How to be water wise
Conserve this scarce resource with these sustainable solutions.
‘Greening’ a home improves saleability
Rapid strides in technology and increasing awareness of the potential cost savings and reduced environmental impact are making good sense to more and more home owners – and home buyers
Load shedding solutions: Is going off-grid a good idea?
As load shedding continues to affect our lives, going off-grid is on everyone’s lips. But is it affordable? And is it a good idea?
Save the grid... and your pocket
As South Africa struggles with an ongoing energy crisis, inefficiency and waste still occur across the board. You can do your bit to cut electricity usage, and save some cash in the process...
Can I afford to go solar?
Ah for the days when the questions we asked were the important ones: will Bafana Bafana score an own goal? Will the Boks remember to - you know - run the ball? Sad, but those days are gone, and now we’re worrying about more ...
Eskom: is there a green lining for homeowners?
Eish, Eskom! (Shakes head). You’re driving us mad! But wait. There’s actually a green lining to our national electricity supplier’s dilemma: the inconveniences of electricity shortages are getting more and more of us to think ...
Home is where the green is
We’ve looked at the law and the theory of green homes (Go green or go home) and we’ve considered the costs of going green at home (Don’t just dream green) – but what do the banks say about the idea? After all, they’re the guys ...