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Tips for buying repossessed property
Repossessed property can offer good value to buyers on a tight budget but there are pitfalls to be aware of.
Couple almost lose home over one late repayment
A couple who nearly lost their home because of a bank’s attempt to penalise them for one late repayment, has been saved by the courts.
How to keep calm and avoid repossession
Worried about losing your home? These are the steps you can take if you’re having a problem meeting your repayments.
Is buying repossessed property worth it?
Buyers can get themselves a good deal by buying property from a bank. Before jumping in, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of buying a bank repo.
How to approach repossessed houses for sale
The ins and outs of buying a repossessed home.
Property in Possession vs. Sale in Execution
There is generally confusion between a sale of execution and a repossessed property. Here's a clear explanation.
Evicted? You HAVE to leave!
While it is heartening to hear that more and more South Africans are now in a position to buy their own homes, a recent case reported in The Star newspaper highlights how important it is for homeowners to educate themselves ...
Property auctions and repossessions
In SA, you can sell your house in one of four ways – through an estate agent, by doing it yourself (if you feel like hassling with paperwork and legalities), through a website like Private Property...
5 Lessons you should know before buying on auction
Hopefully I have convinced you that property investment should be the “bricks and mortar” of your investment portfolio, and a great place to create wealth and residual income.
Pre auction, Auction, Sheriff, Repossessed & PIP Properties
What amazing times we live in. On Friday we found out that FNB alone has over 90 000 home owners who are distressed sellers...