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Tips for finding your perfect home online
With thousands of properties available online, finding your dream home is now easier than ever. Here how to search effectively.
How to sell your home to millennials
The journey of searching for a home has evolved over the years. Here’s how to keep up with the times and successfully sell your home to a millennial market.
Airbnb is affecting rental prices in South Africa
As more landlords choose to go the Airbnb route, the pool of properties available for long term rentals is shrinking. This has an effect on demand and rental charges.
New technology makes affordable property investment a reality
Wealth Migrate, a global online real estate investment marketplace, has announced their entry into the South African property market through their online investment platform.
Digital dominates property search
Property portals are now the ‘go-to’ hunting grounds for selling properties, to maximise exposure and reach.
Homes of the future
How the homes of the future are going to be run, and what this means for us.
What to expect in the homes of tomorrow
Rapid advances in technology will revolutionise the way we interact with our homes in the near future
Smart homes and smarter cities
Amazing advances in technology are making it possible for you to connect to and remotely manage the appliances in your home.
Home trends: In with the old, out with the new
Some ‘old fashioned’ home features are making a comeback while other trends look set to disappear forever. We take a look at what's become hot in the new world.
Largest mall Wi-Fi network in Africa
Wi-Fi on this scale has never been delivered before on the continent.