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With a basic career grounding in litigation and commercial law, David has over 38 years practice experience, 25 of which has been as specialist property lawyer and conveyancer.

His style of practice is frank and honest. To-the-point assessments, advice and opinions are his trade mark. Helping people solve problems is part of what he enjoys about being a lawyer. He is particularly good at mediating disputes, where his knowledge of the law, communication skills and sound practical advice combine to good effect.

David enjoys adventure and has been retained on interesting assignments in remote places like Mozambique, Seychelles and Madagascar.

Fighting for client causes is another of David’s attributes. This arises from his understanding that law is not static, but is in fact a constantly changing body of rules tracking behind the trends of human conduct.

A classic example is what he did in the early 1990’s. After handling a very difficult access/custody case, David founded TUFF (The Unmarried Fathers Fight) and successfully campaigned for the overhaul of SA law on the subject of father’s rights to their children. These efforts hastened new legislation entitled “The fathers of children born out of wedlock Act” which eventually became incorporated into The Childcare Act as is stands today.


This process normally commences with a referral from an estate agent, but sometimes parties decide to approach directly.

In the latter instance, David is particularly good at drafting private sale agreements. He does this himself – quickly and efficiently. The service is free if the transfer is included in the instruction.

On receipt of a sale agreement, a file is opened and a standard process commences. Robyn Horne normally drives this as professional assistant, but David is always there to back up with advice and direction if the need arises. David also handles certain transfers himself – especially those that are more complex.

VOA uniquely operates on a target date driven conveyancing process. What we encourage is that the parties agree at inception upon the target date for registration and we adjust the workflow to suit. Normally a transfer takes 6 to 8 weeks, but things can be done to accelerate or retard the process. We therefore manage expectations from the start and doing so avoids misunderstandings and disappointments.

As a boutique practice, there is a dynamic interaction between conveyancer and paralegal. Quick effective problem solving is part of what we do. David finds meeting with the parties when trouble arises most effective. He has a style of dispute resolution that really works. Regular reporting on email and/or phone is another key service issue.

The parties are constantly kept advised.

We pride ourselves in facilitating a pleasant conveyancing experience for all concerned.


  • Instant advice on problem clauses and contract difficulties
  • Tactical advice on contract closure situations i.e. deal making rather than deal breaking.
  • Advice on legal problems arising during the convey process.
  • Settlement of disputes between seller and purchaser via mediation – a complimentary service.


  • Project model conceptualizing, be that sectional title, mini sub development or share block.
  • Development site acquisition – be that negotiating and/or sale agreement drafting.
  • Drafting project sale documentation.
  • Management of Pre sales – sales settlement and securitization.
  • Coordination of the professional team (legal aspects)
  • Opening of sectional and township registers.
  • Registration of purchaser transfers


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