R 9 000 000
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Commercial space in Lenasia

1 484 m²

The 1484 square meter warehouse for sale is a spacious and well-designed property with two floors. It offers ample storage space, making it an ideal choice for potential buyers in need of a large storage facility.

The warehouse''s size of 1484 square meters provides plenty of room to accommodate various types of goods, equipment, or inventory. With two floors, the property offers additional storage capacity, allowing for efficient organization and utilization of space.

The ample storage space is beneficial for businesses that require a significant amount of storage, such as logistics companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers. It can also be suitable for e-commerce businesses that need a large area for inventory management and order fulfillment.

The warehouse''s design and layout are crucial factors to consider for potential buyers. It is essential to assess the property''s accessibility, including the presence of loading docks, ramps, or elevators, to ensure smooth operations and easy movement of goods.

Additionally, the location of the warehouse should be taken into account. Proximity to transportation hubs, major highways, or urban centers can enhance logistical efficiency and reduce transportation costs.

Overall, this 1484 square meter warehouse with two floors and ample storage space presents an excellent opportunity for potential buyers seeking a well-designed and spacious facility to meet their storage needs.

Property details

  • Listing number T4626884
  • Property type Commercial
  • Erf size 1 484 m²

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