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Chas Everitt International Bloemfontein is a real estate company situated in Bloemfontein in the Free State, South Africa. We specialise in property in Bloemfontein and the surrounding areas. Give us a call and we will help you find the property of your dreams.

Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State. It is the sixth largest city in South Africa. It is known locally as the 'City of Roses'. It is an important education and judicial center. It is home to South Africa's Highest Courts, the Constitutional Court and the Appellate Division.Bloemfontein is just about centrally located in the province and South Africa. Therefore it has more pivotal importance than any other city in South Africa. It lies on the main road, air and rail links between all areas of the country.

The airport is a mere 14 km from the city, with daily flights to and from major and minor cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, George, Upington and Kimberly. The airport also has most of the larger car hire branches available.

Bloemfontein streets, especially President Brand Street, are lined with glorious sandstone architecture, which is well worth a look. Bloemfontein has a busy cultural and social events calendar. One of the annual events, the Macufe Festival in September, is not to be missed. It is a cultural eisteddfod of poetry, art, storytelling, music and dance. Next to Macufe the biggest cultural event is the "Volksblad kunste fees" that attracts 1000's of people yearly from all over RSA. Normally in July, Also OFM,Pick & Pay Cycle race very big with professional teams parttaking in Nov every year, Our sports facilities compares with rest of the country, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket. Schools best in the country - GRey, Unicie, - English schools, Oranje - Afrikaans meisie skool, Sentraal with biggest hostel in Freestate. These schools have lots of children from all over SA studying here. Property wise - the suburbs Dan Pienaar as well as Universitas have been appointed in the top ten safest suburbs to live in SA.

The medical care quality available in this area is outstanding. The modern Universitas Hospital is renowned for high standards. It serves as a training base for the University of the Free State's medical faculty, where research in various fields is conducted.

The atmosphere felt in Bloemfontein is one based on an appreciation of family values. Quality of life is of prime importance. Business and family interests are combined, in a hand-in-glove way, with no reason for discord. Cultures here intermingle, in a peaceable accord.

The people are friendly and diverse, and you can expect warm hospitality. There are many attractions and cultural sites such as a unique Orchid house. The house is the most modern of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, housing various rare orchids and much more.

There are many other places of interest to be found in Bloemfontein. Historical buildings such as the railway station, the Anglican Cathedral, City Hall, Old Presidency, the Dutch Reformed twin tower church are but a few. Other places include the Bloemfontein Zoo, Naval Hill with the Franklin Reserve, Sand du Plessis Theatre, other theatres and galleries, arts and craft-markets. For the culture enthusiast there are also the Bloemfontein National Museum and the Women's Memorial and War Museum.