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About Karen Jonker Properties

Karen Jonker Properties specialises in both sales and rentals for Midrand Estates, which encompasses Midstream Estates, Midfield Estates, Midlands Estates and Retire@Midstream.

Established in June 2007, Karen Jonker Properties is situated in Grey Owl Village, a popular shopping destination on the doorstep of Midrand Estate. It is currently the only agency within Midrand Estates to specialise in both sales and rentals.

After almost a decade in marketing at a leading German vehicle manufacturer, Karen Jonker decided to take up the challenge of the property market. Already a resident of Midrand Estate, Karen had a unique insight into the Estate, and this was enhanced by her previous experience in developing seven properties in security estates, along with project teams.

Karen Jonker Properties has a high percentage of sole mandates, which is a testament to the team’s commitment to high service levels and a professional approach.

Karen’s passion is to bring balance, honesty, teamwork, networking and team building together in her company, and this passion is behind her success as a residing agent.

Karen herself is focused, disciplined and professional, and follows a structured approach, and this is reflected in her team, her offices and her strategy. The team is well qualified, and embodies Karen’s commitment to ethical and honest business practice. Both Karen and her team believe that these qualities should never be compromised, and this has certainly helped form the basis of the company’s success.

Karen also believes in a continual marketing presence, and that visibility is critical to providing clients with a consistent, reliable service. It is also a goal of the company to make the process for both seller and buyer, or lessor and lessee, as smooth as possible, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties. Professionalism and strong negotiation skills are key elements of this strategy, and these are areas in which the team is exceptionally strong.

Dealing with an upmarket customer base means being able to understand and respond to their unique needs, and Karen Jonker Properties excels in this arena. Part of the company’s future expansion lies in offering this customer base an even broader service, namely specialising in townhouse sales and rentals in the greater Centurion area. This expansion will mark the beginning of a new era for Karen Jonker Properties, and bring quality service and high standards to the townhouse market in Centurion.