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Port Alfred was established in the early 1820s by British settlers who were moved into the area by Lord Charles Somerset as a buffer between the Western Cape and the Ama Xhosa. Originally it was two separate towns (settlers arriving on the west bank in 1820 named their settlement Port Kowie, and those arriving on the east bank named theirs Port Frances). In 1839, William Cock started to block the natural river mouth to the east and canalise the present opening to the sea. This allowed high-masted sailing ships with their heavy cargo to dock at the wharf. Later, in 1860, when Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Alfred, visited the name was changed to honour him.

Port Alfred is a small seaside resort on the east coast of South Africa in the Eastern Cape Province with a population of just under 20,000. It is situated on the eastern seaboard of the country at the mouth of the Kowie River, almost exactly half-way between the larger cities of Port Elizabeth and East London and 30 km West of Cannon Rocks and just 60 kms from Grahamstown.

The town enjoys a mild climate and award winning beaches. Kelly's beach has Blue Flag Beach status, meaning it is one of the top beaches in South Africa. Port Alfred has many activities for visitors including fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, water skiing and tubing. Other sporting activities include golf (Port Alfred boasts one of the seven "royal" courses in the country), horse trails and surfing, with Port Alfred being regarded by many as one of the best-kept surfing secrets in the country. It is unspoilt by overpopulation and commercialism and has retained its natural beauty and is a relaxing place to be.

Port Alfred offers all the amenities one needs for a fantastic lifestyle. It boasts two shopping centres with several national stores and several smaller independent stores. Other amenities include a modern art gallery, museum, gyms, several beauty salons, hairdressers, numerous restaurants, nurseries, major banks, a tote, motor dealerships, tool hire and boating franchises. Port Alfred also offers top-quality schooling and there are also groups for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Aside from these, it also offers many and varied medical facilities. Netcare was awarded the tender to upgrade and run the local hospital and the new facility is open and doing great work. Pets are not forgotten and there are two veterinary clinics. There is also a well-run, busy SPCA.

South Africa was discovered by the international communities as a holiday destination many years ago, with the initial emphasis on holiday properties being centered around Cape Town, the Western Cape and the Garden Route. As the cost of holiday and retirement properties increased, the locals moved their investments eastwards until they arrived at the Eastern Cape and its long, flat and beautifully pristine beaches. This resulted in the creation of erven for both investment and building purposes and the town started to grow.

Port Alfred has enjoyed steady growth over the last 20 years with a particular surge in the sale of Port Alfred properties in the last ten. Much of the growth has come about as a result of retirees moving to Port Alfred and families wishing to buy second homes at the coast. This growth has brought a rise in the number of the permanent working population who provide services to the rest of the town. Port Alfred properties range from the ultra luxurious to the average. Obviously there is a big emphasis on sea views, riverside properties and Marina properties, which tend to cater for the wealthy, but there are also properties away from these facilities which are less expensive. The Port Alfred property market has vacant land (fully serviced erven) for those who wish to build and built properties to meet all needs.

One of its most distinctive features is the Royal Alfred Marina. This is undoubtedly the most successful Marina in South Africa and has brought a completely different ambience to Port Alfred. The Marina has been developed on land previously unsuitable for residential properties, but with skilful planning and engineering, it boasts a secure, up-market environment with all of its luxurious houses facing on to the tidal canals. Associated with the Marina is a small boat harbour, providing mooring for a variety of vessels from luxury yachts and other pleasure craft, to sporting and commercial deep-sea fishing vessels.

Port Alfred is home to Southern Africa's largest air school, 43 Air School. In addition, Port Alfred is home to Stenden South Africa, a subsidiary campus of Stenden University in the Netherlands. This campus attracts large numbers of international students to South Africa every year.

The picturesque and outstanding holiday spot, known as the Kowie, will remain in your heart forever as ‘a tiny paradise in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.’