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About Monolith Estates

About Monolith Estates

Who are we?

Monolith Estates was formed in April 2006, fulfilling a need for an internal marketing wing for Pebblestone Properties. Since then we have successfully launched 3 major developments off plan, as well as selling the Pebblestone properties in Sandton Country Club Estate.

Other developers have also enjoyed the strength of the sales team, such as Hardham Construction, Tigerline Construction and various private owners.

Our professional attitude and dynamic approach makes us a team worth dealing with.

The People

Marion Beebe

Re-sales and Marketing

Marion also cut her teeth in Marketing and Advertising. With her vast experience in marketing, she adds value to the team with her expert designs and "out the box" ideas to market property.

Adrian Deneys

New business

Adrian heads up the new business side of Monolith Estates. With over 25 years of sales experience under his belt, Adrian has fit into the property market with gusto. Using all the available tools at his disposal, Adrian can advise you on your new development.

Anthea Deneys

Managing Director / Principle

After many years in Advertising, Anthea has a strong marketing background, both on the creative side and as a Group Accounts Director. Her administration and managerial skills make her a strong Principle at Monolith Estates. Her marketing background means that the company does things a little differently.

Nick Constas


Monolith Estates is the brainchild of Nick. Business-wise, he realised that it would make far more sense to start a dedicated estate agency to deal with his new developments than to use any of the other big names. The result of this has meant that Monolith Estates has New Developments as their core strength.

Andre Malan


Based in the North West, Andre runs Best Said Properties, specialising in modern, security-consious, Student Accommodation Complexes. He also has a team in Gauteng building high quality cluster developments.