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13, Ada Street, Carletonville, Carletonville Central, Gauteng

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About Rawson Property Group, Rawson Carletonville

The Rawson Story

Our family history may be very much like your own - alive with change and transformation, but consistently resonating the values and culture which give us our identity.






In 2004, Rawson Properties was nominated as a Superbrand by the Independent Superbrand Council of South Africa. What followed was a carefully planned national expansion campaign, with Rawson increasing its visibility in all the major provinces of South Africa.

The Family

The Rawson Property Group, affectionately known as ‘The Rawson Family’, was founded in 1982 by William ‘Bill’ Rawson.

We’ve always thought of our business as a family of property professionals who share and are connected by the same values and culture...

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What we believe in

Our business is to help people own and enjoy the property that’s right for them - whether as a buyer, a tenant, a seller or a landlord.

This is a people-oriented business and we appreciate that as our client, you’re dealing in dreams. You may be looking for a new...

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Rawson Cares

As you may have gathered, the Rawson Family is extremely big - but you may not be aware of our extended family.

The Woodside Special Care Centre provides quality, integrated and comprehensive 24-hour care for profoundly...

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