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0A, Verdi Blvd, Shop 50 A Cobble Walk Centre, Durbanville, Sonstraal Heights, Western Cape

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About Rawson Property Group, Rawson Durbanville

About us:

Our business is as a family of property professionals who share and are connected by the same values and culture. We’re driven by the goal of helping people along their journey to owning and enjoying the property that’s right for them.

Our mission is to ignore the competitors and break away from the norm. We want to make a difference in the property field. We aim to be more professional. We want to grow as the leading Estate agency in Durbanville known for our expertise and service. We are willing to make every sacrifice to become the best agents and dominate our area in a positive way by placing our clients first. We want the Durbanville community to know what we know, what makes us excited about being a winning and vibrant team able to sell your property to qualified buyers.

Our services includes:

Properties: Selling and letting residential property

Rentals: Rentals and administration

Auctions: Auctions and immovable property

Commercial: Commercial and industrial sales and letting

Agriculture: Selling farms and smallholdings

Developers/Homebuilders: Building & selling residential developments

We may be bigger than ever, but the Rawson family still prides itself on being open and inclusive. We are a family you will feel part of whenever you deal with us, over a cup of tea, over the phone or online. With us, “you’re family”.

What We Believe In

Our business is to help people own and enjoy the property that’s right for them - whether as a buyer, a seller a tenant or a landlord.

This is a people-oriented business and we appreciate that as our client, you’re dealing in dreams. You may be looking for a new beginning, a lifestyle or a safe space. It’s the most important transaction of your life. The stakes couldn’t be higher and so there’s little room for error.

We strive to provide a professional and friendly service to all our clients, marked by honesty and integrity in all our negotiations. As a seller, you deserve a fair price, and as a buyer you deserve a wise investment. Our goal is to ensure steady growth, based on dynamic and progressive management and an exuberant team who are excited and enthusiastic about property and helping people.

We feel a deep personal responsibility to our staff. We seek to create and maintain an environment where everyone is given the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential. We aim to reward them commensurately with their contribution to the success of the company.