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Q & A with Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton is a real estate agent with RE/MAX Address in Durban

How did you get into property?

I've been in property for 10 years. About six years continuously, then I had a small break, then I came back three years ago. I've always worked the Glenwood and Morningside areas. I've lived in those areas and I know them well, and I think it's important in the real estate industry to know the area that you're working in.

What makes your area special?

Durban is very diversified, so it offers us a lot of different opportunities. We've got the North Coast, which is expanding now, and we've got the Beachfront area, which has been refurbished over the years and is looking really good. But what I like about the Berea is the sort of village atmosphere of it. Wherever you are, you can walk to a coffee shop or a restaurant. And it has a great vibe.

What sets you apart as an agent?

I try to put the interests of the client first, to provide them with the house they've been looking for, their dream home. That is my first priority, my focus. And then I try to develop a relationship with them whereby they trust me, and I am the sort of person that they would deal with in the future.

What do you love about your job?

I love houses, I like architecture and I like interior decorating. Not that I've had any particular involvement in that, but I've taken an interest in it. So it's an ideal job for me to do, because I can indulge those interests at the same time as carrying out a job that affords me a decent living as well.

And I get to meet a lot of people. It’s a very people friendly, talkative industry, so it's important to interact and build up relationships with people, which I enjoy doing. That's actually the secret to this business: to build up a referral base. If you keep working that referral base, they will keep coming back to you.