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Q & A with Yolanda Buckland

How did you get into property?

Ever since I was very young, my mother used to walk us through homes every Sunday. Show days were our Sundays. She had a natural eye to see how things could change or how a property could be upgraded. I must have lived in about 17 houses by now – just buying, renovating, selling… I suppose I have a natural flair for homes.

What do you love about your job?

As an estate agent I take it personally when somebody approaches me to sell their home. I respect their home and I want a job well done. People have hearts, and connecting the heart or the person to the property is really, really what we do.

And I think that’s the emotion behind the industry, is that you allow people to find their home. The home where they have their first child, their first experience of being in the property market and I hope and trust that it’s a good experience.

For me, creating a rapport with somebody or a friendship with your seller or your buyer is very important.

What makes Umhlanga special?

I've been living in the area for the last six years. I have two beautiful boys who go to Northwood, and I love the lifestyle that Durban offers. When you drive through Umhlanga, you'll notice lots of joggers and people who enjoy the environment for what it offers. As far as buying a beachfront property and renting it out, you can get up to R2000 or R3000 a day, which makes buying in Umhlanga or Umdloti a great investment opportunity. The fact that both areas are now close to King Shaka airport makes it nice for visitors because they can shuttle in and out of the area.