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Country life in the city

For the those who love to feel that they are living a country lifestyle, but are still in a big city, this is the place to live. This is a vibrant area and most of the residents living here are friendly and helpful. Bloemfontein is also a big tourist attraction city as it is so rich with South African history. The residents of this city are big sports lovers and it's the home of the Free State Cheetah’s rugby team.

Map of Area and Surrounds

Experience Bloemfontein

View of the Loch Logan Waterfront in Bloemfontein
The Nelson Mandela statue on Naval Hill in Bloemfontein
The Women's Memorial in Bloemfontein

There is a rich history to this city which can be viewed at the many museums, statues, monuments and landmarks. The Nelson Mandela statue is a favourite for tourists and South Africans alike, to take a look at the past and learn about reconciliation.

A park in Bloemfontein

For those who enjoy being surrounded by nature, there are many nature reserves, the Bloemfontein Zoo and a lovely Botanical Garden where you can enjoy a hike, biking or a picnic. The Boeremark local farmers flea market happens at Langenhovenpark on Saturdays, and is a great day out for the family.

View of the city from Naval Hill in Bloemfontein
Eating at a restaurant in Bloemfontein
Playing sport at Action Sport Centre in Bloemfontein
Playing golf at Bloemfontein Golf Course in Bloemfontein

As this city is well known for sporting, there are many sporting activities available, such as rugby, cricket, tennis, bowling and more. If there is a rugby match, the teams will play at the Free State Stadium.

Wildlife within the Naval hill Reserve in Bloemfontein
A building in Bloemfontein
Eating out at a restaurant in Bloemfontein
Yvonne Bloemfontein
I love that Bloemfontein is so historical and culture rich, there are always new people in the area exploring or visiting. Everything is so centrally located that travelling around is not much of a hassle.
The Oliewenhuis museum in Bloemfontein

There are a variety of residents in Bloemfontein. The University of the Free State is located in this neighbourhood, and attracts many students to this city. There is also an abundance of retirement villages such as Bayswater Village, Welgedaghd Retirement Village and Aliquando Retirement Village that cater for the elderly, giving this neighbourhood a diverse range of residents from young to old.

Eating out at New York restaurant in Bloemfontein
The old Presidency House in Bloemfontein
Hertzog Square in Bloemfontein