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A Family First Community

Meyerton is a town with a lot of history, culture and beautiful, green scenery. The locals are well mannered, and this area has a very caring and involved community. Houses are generally well built and spacious, with large gardens. The majority of residents work in the surrounding area as there are various industries present.

Map of Area and Surrounds

Experience Meyerton

Pam Meyerton
The thing I love the most about my neighbourhood is the people. The community are always caring and ready to help.
Lake and park in Meyerton
Candice Meyerton
I take a great interest in the history around the neighbourhood, a lot of it being from the Boere War. There are lots of landmarks showing the culture and history of Meyerton.
The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Meyerton

People in this area generally like relaxing activities such as fishing next to the river, or visiting their local country clubs, but there is also a huge raceway that hosts competition race days. Family restaurants are probably the biggest attraction, being a family orientated community, but there are a few local bars.

Eating in a park in Meyerton
A home in Meyerton
Jay Meyerton
I enjoy taking visitors on canoe tours of the Vaal River. I like to entertain and keep the river travellers safe.
Canoeing on the Vaal river in Meyerton

Canoeing on the Vaal River is a fun sporting activity in this neighbourhood. Guided tours are also available, great for tourists and visitors to Meyerton. The most common sporting activities are golf, rugby, canoeing, cycling, bowling, jogging and gym.

Mark Meyerton
Some of the best parts of living in this town are the clean streets and well maintained facilities. People in this area are great and very supportive.
The raceway in Meyerton
A freehold house in Meyerton