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Pinetown, being a very multi-cultural area, attracts different types of people from all walks of life. Having its own CBD, the area offers convenience for those who own or work in businesses in the area. The suburb has great homes, at affordable prices, and good schools that will appeal to families as well. This neighbourhood has a reputation as a "motor town", due to the high number of motor dealerships along the main road. Pinetown offers a slower pace of life than Durban, but is a short 15 minute drive from the bigger city.

Map of Area and Surrounds

Experience Pinetown

Khoza Pinetown
The vibe in Pinetown is great because it’s youthful. The youth get along and do stuff together. It’s a united place and the area is convenient.
A bridge in Paradise Valley in Pinetown
A bridge at Paradise Valley in Pinetown
Homes in Pinetown

Pinecrest Centre is the biggest mall in the area, and covers all one’s shopping needs. Also very popular is Knowles Spar, which has a great food stand outside that caters for shoppers' lunch needs.

A church in Pinetown
Vincent Pinetown
I love Pinetown because it has cooler weather than Durban, and it's much quieter.
The Japanese Gardens in Pinetown

This neighbourhood offers recreational activities at places such as the Japanese Gardens and Paradise Valley. Paradise Valley is a very popular picnic venue and is known for its hiking trails. Both places offer a great escape from the city life and a relaxing time, surrounded by nature.

Lahee Park public swimming pools in Pinetown
A Superspar shop in Pinetown

Pinetown has a nightlife social scene at pubs like Drop Shot Saloon, Club Kwagga, Cold Tea Cantina, to name a few. The area caters to the social scene of the young and old. With a diverse mixture of culture, it all goes down as one big happy family.

Inside a church in Pinetown
Crompton Hospital in Pinetown
Olwetu Pinetown
I like Pinetown for the vibe and for the schools. There are a lot of schools where young people can socialise with each other.
Gelofte School in Pinetown

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