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This neighbourhood has become a ‘lifestyle of choice’ for many who don’t want to live in a large city, yet need easy access to one, whilst managing to retain a country feel at the same time. It's the best of both worlds, suitable for the young and old alike. Silverlakes is well known for its security estates, as people in this area value the benefits of estate living. It's a golf-lover's paradise, and an outdoorsy life.

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The Silver Lakes Golf estate is the main feature of this neighbourhood. The championship golf course was designed by Peter Matkovich, who loves water features. Water plays a role on 10 out of the 18 holes, making this course interesting and picturesque.

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In the heart of the suburb, just off Silver Lakes Road, lies the Farm Inn Country Hotel and Wildlife Sanctuary where guests can spot 23 indigenous species, including lion, leopard and cheetah. Guests can also interact with cheetahs and cubs, enjoy a breakfast or Sunday lunch buffet and go on a game drive with the hotel’s game ranger.

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The local hangout spot is The Grove mall with more than 100 shops, close to Wilgers Hospital on Lynnwood road. There's plenty of entertainment for kids in the form of ice skating, watching a movie or playing games at the Fun Company.

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There is a large rugby culture in this neighbourhood and Dros at Silver Oaks is very popular during rugby season. Cycling and horse riding are popular in this neighbourhood, due to the abundance of scenic countryside.

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