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South Africa’s biggest online treasure hunt is heating up!
South Africa’s biggest online treasure hunt is on. How can you win?
Tips for agents: Dealing with foreign buyers and sellers
Legal and financial aspects of property transactions concerning foreign buyers and sellers.
Is your real estate agent following these Covid-19 protocols?
Why real estate agents shouldn't relax their guard, despite the decrease in COVID-19 infections.
Relief at no increase in personal tax
R2.2billion in tax relief will impact lower and middle-income households positively.
Budget reaction comment property industry
High Street Auctions Director Joff van Reenen expressed disappointment in the national budget delivered in Parliament.
How to Become a Real Estate Agent in South Africa
Want to pursue a career in real estate? Follow this step-by-step guide for all the information you need about becoming an agent in SA and earning commission.
What happens to your property during divorce?
Properties are often part of divorce matters. What happens to property during this process?
What to do when listing times change
Estate agents and property economists often talk about the average “listing time” getting longer or shorter – but what does this actually mean to the individual home buyer or seller?
Section 12J property investments – calling last rounds on the tax break
Section 12J funds will be gearing up for a flurry of interest as investors into the tax incentive realise it may be now or never to make the most of the tax break offered.
Finding Remote Sales Agents for a Business
Businesses now more than ever are looking for remote sales agents. How can this be done?