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3 ways to spot and up and coming suburb
Knowing where (and when) to purchase can make a significant difference in the kinds of returns one can expect to generate.
Top tips for a speedy sale
With a little extra effort, home owners can exponentially increase the likelihood of a quick sale, even during tough times.
Changing the rules in a Sectional Title Scheme
If the owners in a specific Sectional Title scheme want to make new “house rules” for their scheme, it’s very important that they follow the proper procedure.
Fourways Mall and the property market
Fourways Mall will undoubtedly influence the values of homes in the surrounding suburbs, here's how.
Useful advice for downscaling
While ‘downscaling’ may be the latest trend in property, it means different things to different people.
Smart ways to reduce energy usage
Lower your utilities bill by using these energy saving tips.
The cost of selling a home
Understand what the costs and agent commission will be, before putting your home on the market.
Is your garden too small for your dogs?
Pay attention to these 3 warning signs that your garden isn't big enough for your furry friends.
Affordability drives demand in Midrand’s Halfway Gardens
Affordability continues to drive demand in the established Midrand suburb of Halfway Gardens, with home buyers being drawn to its varied property offering and accessible prices.
Budget before you buy
How to make sure that you avoid getting into further debt when purchasing a new home.