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Using virtual reality in real estate
The South African real estate sector has continued to embrace virtual reality. What’s being done in this regard?
Key considerations when buying heritage homes
Heritage homes are a viable property investment avenue. What are the implications of buying and owning a property with heritage status?
Do your marketing strategies cater for the current market?
Being a top property agent in a competitive market takes innovation in your marketing efforts. How can this be done?
SA’s top ten suburbs command an average house price of R12 million-plus
Ten years ago, there were just four top suburbs with an average selling price of just over R10 million.
Private Property’s first-ever apartment is now on the market
After an exciting home renovation project, Private Property’s first-ever apartment is back on the market – all spruced up and ready for its new owners.
Women’s property purchasing power on the rise
Women have continued to be integral players in the property sector with their purchasing power becoming very dominant. What are the factors behind this?
9 tips to protect your home during the rainy season
Statistics point to the fact that homeowner’s insurance claims go up by up to 97% during the rainy season. How can you protect your home?
Prioritising Female Leadership in Property
The property industry is led by capable men and women who provide much needed leadership. How much are women contributing in this regard?
Six Secrets of Success for Property Franchisees
A property franchise is a viable property investment avenue which offers immense returns. How can you be successful in this area of business?
Unrest consequences drive homeowner sentiment down
The Absa’s Homeowner Sentiment Index Q2 (HSI) has highlighted some serious concerns which have been precipitated by acts of violence and destruction to property.