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Go from for sale to sold in 5 fundamental steps
Selling property involves a number of important steps. Which steps should you pay particular attention to?
It’s time for you to start living in your dream house
Home ownership is an empowering and liberating step that should be highly considered. What are the key factors in this regard?
As the offer stands: Everything you need to know about the OTP (offer to purchase) when buying property
Signing the offer to purchase (OTP) property is a significant step in the property acquisition process. This is what you need to know.
The new normal: social media and property marketing
Social media is an effective platform for property marketing. What’s the best way to utilise social media?
Fire safety measures every homeowner should implement
Fire safety measures are designed to minimise the risk of fire and the resulting damages. Which measures should homeowners consider?
Key factors never to hide from your agent
Disclosure and open communication are important factors in sustaining a healthy relationship between a prospective homebuyer and the real estate professional.
Is the first offer on your property really always the best offer?
Property transactions involve placing the right value on the property and carefully taking up the right offer. Is the first offer on your property always the best offer?
How retirement property decisions affect estate planning
The type of home you choose in retirement can have a significant impact on your estate planning.
Tips for creating a workable telecommuting space
Working from home has brought to the fore the need to have permanent solutions better suited to this lifestyle.
Understanding real estate abbreviations
Real estate terminology can be unfamiliar and difficult to understand especially for industry outsiders. Here is what you need to know.