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Is buying off-plan still a good way to invest in property?
The property market offers great opportunities to buy off plan? How recommended is this?
Essential questions to ask before you start your home search
Searching for an ideal home is an important step in making the right property purchasing decision. Which questions should be asked?
3 rules for visitor data privacy and protection
Data breaches have recently hit the digital space. How can you achieve visitor data privacy and protection?
Does the printed brochure still have value for property practitioners in a digital world?
Property practitioners use different methods to reach their targeted audiences. Do printed brochures still offer value?
Tips for beginner real property practitioners
The real estate industry is very lucrative and provides immense opportunities, especially for real property practitioners. This is what beginners need to know.
Remote working is likely to continue as technology advances
After an end to the forced work-from-home trend due to the Covid-19 pandemic - the long-term increase in remote working is likely to continue as technology progresses.
Preparing your home for listing photos
Property photos are important in creating a home impression. How should you prepare a home for listing photos?
What are your property rights after marriage?
Marriage alters how you manage your affairs, including finances and property ownership. So what are your rights after being married?
New Property Practitioners Act provides better protection for all
The new Property Practitioners Act (PPA), which came into effect on 1 February 2022 is set to positively contribute to the state of the property industry.
Top 10 home-buying tips every investor should know about
Property purchasing is an investment which must be done properly. Here are some tips investors should pay attention to?