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Do I pay taxes on inherited home sale?
Taxes affect various aspects of life including property ownership. How does tax affect inherited homes?
Plant a tree – and boost your home’s value
Trees are an important aspect of a healthy home environment. How do they help in bossting a home's value?
Tax tips for landlords
It's tax season and if you are a landlord, you should make sure your books are up to date. Here's how.
REBOSA urges continued vigilance
While South Africa is still on lockdown level 2, the possible move to level 1 does not mean real estate agents should stop following Covid safety protocol.
Private Property’s The Property Show goes virtual - a first for South Africa
Private Property today launched the Virtual Property Show aimed at innovatively improving consumer engagement in the property sector.
REBOSA urges continued vigilance under Level 2
The country may be on level 2, but estate agents still need to exercise caution by following Covid-19 safety protocol.
Working from home? You could qualify for tax deductions
It's tax season, and with many people working from home in 2020, they may qualify for tax breaks.
What is a reasonable offer below the asking price of a property?
Here's how to navigate placing offers below the asking price.
17 Top secrets for selling a home fast
Sellers need to pull out all the stops to make their properties stand out from the competition and ensure it doesn’t languish on the market interminably.
Virtual show houses - the new way forward
When open houses just won’t work, like in many areas of the world battling COVID-19 right now, it may come time to host a virtual open house instead.