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The power of your persuasion lies in the prospect that buys on feelings. Feelings are created by how people see things and they think with their eyes.

Have you ever been in a situation where your senses were supposedly experiencing the best coffee aromas or melting chocolate delights, but deep down you were failing to comprehend what the fuss was about?

Why - because it was not about the coffee or chocolate you were smelling an tasting, it was about what the brand convinced you to experience.

As an estate agent you are the brand and the bottom line is that people need to feel better in one way or another after engaging with your brand as it is portrayed through your property listing.

The power of your persuasion lies in the prospect that buys on feelings and feelings are created by how people see things and they think with their eyes.

So how do you set yourself apart from all the agents targeting your potential buyer? What value are you adding to the buyer-decision in your listing? How are you helping prospects physically, psychological and financially to make the right decision, to see and therefore feel enough to book a viewing of your listed property? reports that 85% of buyers prefer to work with agents who use video. Listing videos are therefore very popular, but with the growing popularity comes the challenge of the differentiating brand factor.

Find Your Listing Video Edge

• Physical Buyer Video Value
Close to the beach – a no-brainer leisure activity description – but with no powerful view bombs, the disappointment will be big if it is basically a rocky beach where no dog or child can play. Take the “walkable to” detail as another example. Home buyers have a soft spot for homes that are highly accessible to the beach, shops, parks, cafes and cultural amenities they can make part of their everyday lives. A study by says buyers are simply willing to pay more for homes with high "walkability". If the home is within walking distance or otherwise well-located nearby conveniences, you should shout it from the rooftops in your listing video.

Home characterised by stretches of clear spaces, light, flow and an open floor plan are generally attractive to home buyers. Show the feel and flow and if the home is in fact darker and more compartmentalised – your video should highlight the more formal style of living.

Show the custom extras. Built-in organisers, window seats, garage storage systems, recycling units and compost makers need to be seen. Environmentally responsible features that can speak to the “on trend” such as solar panels, low-flow shower heads, can all swing a decision to view.

• Psychological Buyer Video Value
Brand-name dropping could be pitchy, but still a power-packed way to communicate information of the style of the home. Showing feature details can spark feelings of family-style living spaces and little kitchen luxuries such as Miele kitchen appliances need a definite video view towards creating that psychological sought-after connection.

• Financial Buyer Video Value
If the home has characteristics that can appeal to first-time buyers – show the life in this home that represent a lifestyle upgrade. Drop viewing clues - ample storage, exceptional privacy, ready-to-enjoy outdoor living spaces – visual mentions that can capture the attention of the most bargain-hungry buyer.

Home finishes that can be desired can directly correlated to higher purchase prices – your video must zoom in on the granite, maple, concrete counter tops, cork floors, gourmet kitchen, state-of-the-art wine cellar.

Beat the competition and differentiate your agent brand - think of your listing video as a luxury chauffeur driving your prospective buyer to the best “locations” in and around the home.

And last, but not least, be sure to share your differentiator insights with your property videographer before the shoot. Empowering your video service provider with the physical, phycological and financial benefits you’ve identified, will ensure a property video that captures the “feelings” of your prospective buyer.

Capture HD Media – connecting you to the heart of your potential buyer. Producing 1800 videos per month, we are geared to give your video listing the added edge.

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