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Tahir Desai

The deadline is fast approaching for all those agents who had an FFC as at the 15th July, 2008.

Many agents have not done anything about achieving the NQF qualification either level 4 or level 5.

If these particular agents have not obtained the new qualification by the deadline, their 2015 FFC will be revoked and they will have to leave the industry all together.

They will only be allowed back in once they have received the qualification. There is unlikely to be a third extension given.

If you have obtained your qualification with a training provider, been internally moderated but are waiting for Services SETA to put you through external moderation and thus issue you with a SETA

Certificate of the NQF qualification, the EAAB will allow these particular agents an extension of one year to be able to obtain the SETA Certificate and thus write the PDE.

If, however, you have got your SETA PDE DATES Certificate and have not written the PDE, the EAAB will not grant you an extension.

PDE Dates

Before deadline

6th Feb, 2015 - 7th May, 2015

After deadline

6th August, 2015 - 12th November, 2015

For more information contact:


Tel: 031 303 3735 – Fax: 031 303 3739 – Email:


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