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When a user searches Private Property in a specific area, the results are shown according to their listing score. Properties with a higher score are listed above properties with a lower score. Improving your listing score will get your listing seen before your competitor’s.__

How Listing Scores are calculated

Listing scores are calculated according to how much information you provide about the property you are listing.

All sales listings on our site are required to contain a minimum amount of information before they are published to our site.

Do the minimum and score 25%

These minimum requirements are:

  • 1 image (ideally 600 x 400 in size)

  • The asking price

  • The full address, which can be hidden or shown

  • The size of vacant land must be shown

  • The number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and a home type (duplex, flat etc.)

Doing the minimum will however only give you a score of 25% and your listing will appear low down in the search results.

Get a perfect listing score

By taking the time and effort to provide additional information about your listing, you can take your score up to 100% and a place at the top of the search results, where your listing will be seen first.

Add more detail and score an additional 75%

  • HD Listing +30%

  • Uploading 12 unique high-resolution photos: +15%

  • Display address and show on a map: +20%

  • Providing additional price details (levies and rates): +5%

  • Detailed property information (floor and land area): +5%

Providing a property listing that is rich in detail and accuracy has the ability to capture a browser’s attention and the potential to turn that browser into a buyer.

Are you posting perfect listings?

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