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The response to our invitation to the introduction of the CARE concept in KwaZulu-Natal was overwhelming, with more than 350 agents attending the event at the Gateway Hotel in March. And we like to think that they all left feeling a bit more inspired.

Speaker Tich Smith of LIV worked his word-magic and impressed upon attendees the difference between being “a success” and being “successful”. And believe me, success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

If you weren’t able to attend the event, click here to view the video of this attitude-altering talk.

Scott Picken of IPS Invest then took the mike and introduced some fun games that encouraged the agents to think carefully about what they do and how they do it – and how they could do things differently in order to do better. Super stuff!

But the star of the show was Jill Corfield of IEASA, who talked through the CARE concept, highlighting how participation in the programme can assist agents to earn all-important CPD points and also benefit the communities in which agents work.

And there are already some success stories – read about Project O and MaxProp Westville’s initiatives.

On the day, Scott Picken committed to donate R1 000 every month to LIV, which is the cost of supporting, clothing, educating and feeding one child every month. There are more than a hundred other children in the village … All donations, large and small, are welcome.

Also on the day, Private Property gave each agent a LIV bracelet and donated the cost of purchasing the bracelets, some R5 000, back to the village.

(Please note that CARE is being piloted in KZN and will be rolled out nationally in due course.)

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