Affordable ways to fill a blank wall

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A large space in your home that isn’t decorated can feel very spare. Here are some creative yet affordable décor ideas to fill a big wall.

Gallery wall

Whether it’s art or photographs, a wall filled with framed images is always a winner, and fits with the trends in décor. Different colours, textures and patterns can be used to eliminate negative space on the wall and balance the room. Consider using a few big frames, with smaller frames in between to fill the space. Artsy calendars can function as artwork too, while reminding you of any important dates.


Tapestries, vintage quilts or blankets can be displayed on your wall, instead of being tucked away in a cupboard. These will add character to your space, as well as texture to the wall. Make sure that the colours work well with your existing décor, or alternatively use the textile as a focal point and base the rest of your décor colours off that.

Art shelves

Floating shelf of art

If you’d like to hang a few pieces of art, consider putting your artwork on one long floating shelf. This is a great way to be able to change the artwork, without having to knock more holes into the wall. Creating a line of art gives the room some life, while maintaining a neat appearance.


Frame strips of wallpaper within the same theme, to make a statement on your wall. The beauty of this is being able to mix and match, without committing to one style for a long time. Frames should be small and simple, to make sure that they don’t detract from the wallpaper. When using different wallpaper, there should be a unifying colour or pattern, linking them all together.


Wall decor in the home

Add glamour and create a dramatic effect by painting a mural over the entire wall. For renters, consider using a temporary mural with an adhesive back, much like removable wallpaper. Murals give the room a focal point, which the rest of the décor can be based on. With a dramatic wall like this, the rest of the room should have simpler décor and colours.

Big bookcases

Bookcases are a great idea for renters as they can be easily moved and are multi-purpose. Using a bookcase against a blank wall is a versatile way of decorating as it can be filled with things other than books and used to display individual items on each shelf. Bookcases can easily be made to look vintage, or have the odd vintage ornament on the shelves.


Mirrors on wall

Your blank wall can even be spiced up with something as simple as mirrors. Whether old or new, mirrors can be used alone or in an assortment, to make a blank wall look elegant and give a room some depth. These are particularly useful on walls that receive a lot of light, as they reflect light and create even more depth this way.

Headboard art

A useful way to fill up a blank wall behind a bed is to frame a few prints and place them on the wall directly above the bed. The prints can double as a headboard and blank space filler, giving the room character. Simpler can be better with these prints, however this depends on the bedroom’s décor and the bed spread itself.

Repurposed art

Take a look through old, unused items around the home that could be repurposed and displayed on the wall. These items will fill up space and add a decorative touch to the room. For example: an old serving tray or old plates that have a beautiful design etc. What a great way to kill two birds with one stone and give life to your forgotten household items.

Woven look

Woven baskets on wall

For a more casual style, hang shallow wicker baskets along the wall. This gives the wall an interesting texture and a natural feel. Woven hats work well for this purpose as well, and an ethnic look can be created by using different kinds of traditional woven hats or baskets in a symmetrical arrangement.

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