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Learn more about the property market in Lyttleton Manor in Centurion, from local experts in property.

Who is typically buying property in Lyttleton Manor currently? I find younger generations are moving back from estates and complexes and are more likely to buy family homes in Lyttelton Manor because they get value for money. They receive the space, bigger gardens and rooms, as well as privacy, which means they can work from home, receive an extra income from renting out the cottage next to the house or can have the whole family living together in one space. Most buyers purchase property by comparison and elimination and Lyttelton Manor provides beautiful properties mostly with realistic pricing. Potential buyers are eliminated when property is out-priced, therefore full-title property is high in demand.

Erika Weatherill: Estate agent, AIDA Centurion

What types of properties are typically available in Lyttelton Manor currently?

Lyttelton Manor is an established middle-income residential area which is a prized location allowing easy access to the Gautrain Station and feeder bus system, highways, schools, hospitals, retail facilities and corporate companies. The area comprises full- and sectional-title residential dwellings, smallholdings as well as commercial, business and industrial developments with prices varying in terms of offering. Registered residential sales over the past 12 months has been over R200m with the median for sectional-title units at over R800,000 while full-title units are above R1,5m. Infrastructure upgrades and developments in the area will further attribute to the revival of Lyttelton Manor.

Jenny van Eeden: Franchisee and property consultant, Leapfrog Property Group, Lyttelton

What do you love about Lyttleton Manor?

Lyttleton Manor has a warm and hospitable community with friendly and caring neighbours as well as convenient shopping facilities nearby. The properties and buildings have a rich historical look, and while they may be old, they are beautiful and still in good condition. Public transport in the area has been upgraded in recent years allowing residents to enjoy a relaxing commute to and from the suburb. One of the cutest sights seen in the area is the elderly people having fun on their way to the mall using their motorised scooters often racing each other.

Michelle Vergottini: Sales partner, Rawson Property Group, Centurion

This article originally appeared in Neighbourhood, Sunday Times.

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