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Winter is here – and looks set to linger. Declare war on nippy nights and bitter mornings with tricks that will keep your bedroom a go-to zone.


There is nothing as quick and effective as a fresh coat of paint to give your bedroom a great new feel. You will probably want a pale or neutral shade on most of the walls, but a bold feature wall will go a long way towards adding interest and visual warmth to a bedroom. Choose a warm tone – think marsala, pink, gold, brown, grey, orange, earthy - for winter, or if you use a cooler hue (blue, green) warm it up with texture and pattern at the accessory stage. Wallpaper is another great option – keep costs down by doing just one feature wall.


For really cold areas underfloor heating is first prize but other warmer options include wooden and parquet flooring. Carpets – big or small – also make a big difference when it comes to adding colour and keeping cosy. Choose one with an inviting texture for winter warmth and match it to your colourway. Small rugs beside the bed keep feet warm in winter. Larger rugs provide a more expansive space for relaxing – or positioning other furniture.


Check that all your window and door frames are weather proof. If the wind is getting in, consider using a little putty, or padding to stop the gaps. Warm curtains make a huge difference in winter, as they help keep the cold out and the heat in. Even if you use blinds in summer, adding a heavy curtain in winter makes a big difference.


Invest in the best mattress you can afford. Visit a store that carries a few major brands and try all the options to see which is best for you. Once you’ve bought one, do protect your purchase with a mattress protector to keep it fresh and hygienic.

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Good bedding - pillows, duvets and linen – makes all the difference as to how warm you are at night and how well you sleep. Consider investing in down pillows and duvets unless you suffer from allergies, and buy the highest thread count linen that you can afford. Add some throws or blankets for extra winter warmth – these can easily be popped into storage in summer.


When lighting a bedroom, put relaxation first. While overhead lighting provides a general light, bedside lamps are great for extra warmth, mood and reading in bed. Use lampshades with pattern or texture during the winter months for a warmer look. Candles also add warmth in winter, so pop a few into containers where they can safely be burnt and light them up every once in a while.


Artwork looks impressive on almost any wall and fills up empty spaces adding colour and warmth. Choose art that matches your colourway and place it in a prime position. Or choose a selection of frames that look good together and fill them with the people you love most and memories that make you smile. A large mirror or an array of smaller mirrors is a wonderful addition too, adding light and a sense of space. Placing a large artwork or mirror behind your bed if you don’t have a dramatic headboard can be a statement all of its own and call make a room look absolutely sensational.


A chest or ottoman at the foot of a bed adds a sense of casual elegance, as well as extra seating, a comfortable spot for relaxing and unwinding or a place to pop a tray when you’re breakfasting in bed. Choose one with storage compartments or drawers and you can stash anything from blankets and extra bedding to magazine and books inside.


A combination of colours, patterns and textures in your scatters, pillows, throws, rugs and lampshades usually gives a warmer and more glamorous look, helping you to create a cosy feel, even when it’s cold outside. For winter include textures such as faux fur, velvet and wool. Consider accessories that you can change with the seasons - when summer comes swap them for a cooler collection.


Fluffy dressing gowns, slippers and winter pyjamas do make a difference. Add a tray for winter evenings - with mugs for soup, coffee or a hot toddy.

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