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Magnificent Mossel Bay

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Magnificent Mossel Bay

Private Property gives you a good idea of what to expect when you live in the Mossel Bay area.

Not just a fishing village

A sweet and small harbour town, Mossel Bay has become one of South Africa’s most admired neighbourhoods. What was once a sleepy hollow is now the country’s best run municipality, and demand for properties has escalated significantly in recent years.

Sweet Mossel Bay memories

Having spent some time in Mossel Bay as a child, I can guarantee this when you opt to move into the Mossel Bay area: clean, fresh air (my brother's allergies all but disappeared during our time there), a lifestyle where everyone knows everyone, and you're never too far from home to walk.

Every day a sunny one

Notably too, in terms of its climate, Mossel Bay enjoys the second most moderate climate in the world. Yes, the world - it’s recorded as having more than 300 sunny days per year. I have fond memories of our time spent in and around Mossel Bay, and it felt like we were on holiday all year round. It’s no surprise then that Mossel Bay is a firm favourite for tourists, with the little town seeing an influx of eager visitors during both off and on-season holiday periods.

Best run municipality in South Africa

It’s no surprise that Mossel Bay is in such high demand, for tourists, visitors, and property hunters alike. The Good Governance Africa (GGA) Index recently rated Mossel Bay as the best run municipality in South Africa. Buoyed by an uptick in property values and keen interest in property sales within the Mossel Bay area, property in Mossel Bay is a hot ticket if you’re selling your home.

Mossel Bay magic

The Good Governance Africa (GGA) Index ranking is nothing to sniff at, and it’s not easy to win first place amongst these rankings. The Good Governance Africa Index ranks municipalities in terms of their service delivery, administration, and indicators for economic development. With Mossel Bay coming out on top across South Africa, living in Mossel Bay might just be your suburban dream come true.

Mossel Bay homes

From farmlands, to sectional title homes, freehold houses, and exceptional apartments, Mossel Bay homes offer a sweet slice of the good life, no matter where in the area you choose to live. A quick glance at the Mossel Bay Private Property listings reveals that exquisite mansions, incredible ocean views, and a luxurious lifestyle await when you choose to live in Mossel Bay. And, while property remains in high demand for the region, there seems to be a beautiful home that fits every budget in Mossel Bay.

Historical sights in Mossel Bay

For sightseeing and wannabe historians, Mossel Bay offers a wide variety of options, do discover and explore. When visiting Mossel Bay, we recommend you pop in to:

  • The Bartolomew Dias Museum Complex: Named after the Portuguese explorer who landed on its shores, this Mossel Bay museum collection collects, collates, and displays interesting artefacts that tell the history of the region. Home to the largest shell collection in Africa, an exceptional Maritime Museum, and more, this museum complex is a must for visitors.
  • The Post Office Tree: Believed to be more than 500 years old, this unique tree is considered to be the oldest post office in South Africa.
  • The Cango Caves: A little drive inland to Oudtshoorn from Mossel Bay gives you the opportunity to explore the Cango Caves. An inexplicably unmissable adventure into the subterranean world of South Africa, a visit to this exceptional historical site must be done.
  • Find the Rock Art: To the north of Mossel Bay, you’ll find an extensive exploration spot, that’s home to one of the country’s most exquisite collections of San rock art. Some of the rock art pieces date back more than 27 000 years.

A Mossel Bay adventure

And, if you’re more inclined towards adrenaline-inducing activities, Mossel Bay has lots to offer, including:

  • The longest over-ocean zipline on the planet: Spanning more than 1100 metres, and zipping you up to speeds of 90 kilometres per hour, the Mossel Bay Zipline is a must for thrill seekers.
  • The Diaz Water Park: Located within the Diaz Hotel, this water park offers a wonderful water-filled adventure and fun for the whole family.
  • Scuba diving: You’ll find exceptional scuba diving facilities along the Mossel Bay coastline.
  • Sandboarding: You may have tried skateboarding, and surfing, but sandboarding is a whole new type of fun.
  • Shark cage diving: Under the guidance and supervision of trained professionals, and with the protection of a cage, you could come eye to eye with some of the ocean’s most feared creatures.

Mossel Bay beaches

Seemingly infinite stretches of beautiful beaches can be found along the coastline of Mossel Bay. With five of Mossel Bay’s beaches designated by Blue Flag Beach status, you’re in for a treat when you visit Mossel Bay. With an ocean that’s temperate enough for swimming, waves perfect for a surf, and divine beaches to stretch out on in the sunshine.

To find your next home in Mossel Bay, start searching online with Private Property or visit our Advice Centre for tips on how to make your next big property move.

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