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A bedroom is considered the most important room in any household, which is why you should take a peek at our top 10 easy ways to create the ultimate bedroom getaway.

The ideal bedroom is known to be a space that offers more than just a place to sleep. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and a retreat away from the outside world, so why not spruce it up to create the perfect haven to nestle into.

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In anticipation of this, we’ve decided to compile our top 10 tips to upgrade your bedroom and leave you with a room so dreamy, you won’t ever want to leave.

1. Set the mood:

A good night’s sleep is important, but so is having a space you can kick back and relax in. Consistency in your interior choices and choosing a theme that will radiate serenity and stillness can help you create the perfect atmosphere. Soft furnishings in warm and earthy tones are known to exude a luxurious and modern touch and have become a popular trend over the recent years.

2. Create your wonder wall:

Setting the mood to your perfect bedroom usually involves the right choice of interior colour. A fresh new coat of paint on the walls is never a bad thing, but how do you know which colour to choose? Consider the colour of your carpet, linen and furniture as a great starting point in deciding what to splash onto the walls for that dreamy effect. Funky bright colours might seem invigorating and attractive, but would not be ideal when sleep time rolls around. Opting for a softer colour tone has proven to be more calming and helpful in trying to get a good night’s rest.

3. Bedroom artwork:

Your bedroom should be a getaway space you enjoy coming home to, so be creative and allow your personality to shine through. A few items to make you smile will go a long way in furnishing a bedroom that feels just right. Making use of family photos, vintage artwork or even a few snazzy items you may hold dear, can create a sense of character and add that special touch to ensure your bedroom is warm and inviting.

4. Lose the clutter:

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to a bedroom that looks overwhelming and cluttered. We all have those few sentimental items we don’t really need but find hard to part ways with. However, taking the time to clear away unnecessary objects can help tremendously in building a clear and organized space to retreat to.

5. Light up your life:

The correct lighting can make quite a difference in creating the perfect bedroom setting. Wall lamps are one such example. Not only are they softer on the eye, but they also add that special touch of elegance and are most useful when curling up to read your favourite bedtime novel.

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6. Nightstand necessities:

Every person has their must-have items that they require in close reach at all times. For some, it’s a good spread of magazines, for others its having a carafe of water by their bedside. Whichever it is, not having to get out of bed to fetch those items can always be a comforting treat for any laid-back and serene bedroom, which is why it is our top 6 ultimate pick.

7. Comfort is key:

They say you spend one-third of your life in bed, so it should always be a sumptuous, cozy and inviting space. A bedroom won’t be a bedroom unless a good night’s sleep is had, which is why having the perfect mattress is essential. Replacing old pillows and bedding can also assist in creating a comfortable, new and exciting place to retreat to.

8. Stepping in style:

Nothing is worse than stepping out of bed onto a cold and hard floor each morning, so start your day on the right foot with a rug or two and ensure your mornings are as comfortable as can be. Most bedrooms are usually accompanied by tiled floors, which is why investing in a floor rug can be useful. Layering rugs have also become a recent trend, so if your bedroom floor is already carpeted you can still invest in a few luxury rugs to take your bedroom style to the next level.

9. Getaway corner:

Creating a sitting area in your bedroom is a charming and cozy way to increase functionality and space, even if your bedroom is intimate in size. Whether it’s an elegant chaise longue or an armchair or two, incorporating a getaway corner is perfect for checking your work e-mails, putting on a pair of shoes or unwinding after a long day outdoors.

10. No tech zone:

The bedroom is about sleeping, but having to leave your smartphone, tablet and i-everything out the door can be difficult when living in a highly digital-connected era. Being offline should be considered a luxury. Leaving your online gadgets away from the bedroom is the most important way to create a serene atmosphere and ensure a good night’s rest is had.

The perfect bedroom won’t always be easy to build, but using these simple tricks and tips will help you get well on your way to achieving the ultimate bedroom escape.

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