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Wealth Migrate, a global online real estate investment marketplace with representative offices in Cape Town and Centurion, has announced their entry into the South African property market through their online investment platform.

Listed at number 42 on the 2016 KPMG Top 50 Global FinTech Companies, the global start-up that launched directly into the global marketplace has now extended its footprint to include South Africa, having determined the market prime for economic growth and the compliance being in place. "This is the first time that both local and global investors can invest in a premium South African destination with our new development in Cape Town," says Chief Digital Officer, Jay Thomson. Scott Picken, Wealth Migrate Founder & CEO says, “This is an extremely exciting development for South Africa. Billions of Dollars has been invested in real estate through the new use of technology in the USA, UK and other leading markets in the last 3 years. Now these same benefits and opportunities are finally available to South African’s in their own market. Being born in Durban, I am so excited to finally be able to bring these benefits of technology to my fellow countrymen. When technology disrupts an industry it does three things. It cuts out the middlemen, reduces costs and increases trust, transparency and accessibility. Think Uber, AirBnB, or Apple with music etc. Now technology is doing the same thing to real estate investing.”

Wealth Migrate is well known for having spearheaded investment opportunities that were previously only accessible to wealthy institutions and high net-worth individuals. Via its breakthrough technology platform, the company has facilitated many investment opportunities to individuals who would previously not have had access to such large-scale real estate ventures.

With an 18-year track record in global real estate investments and a diversified management team, Wealth Migrate provides its clients with a simple way to invest in and manage a global real estate portfolio. Becoming a Wealth Migrate member and investor provides a hassle-free environment in which to diversify your investments and acquire secure local and international real estate opportunities, through a listed environment. As Thomson explains, "This is how global millionaires invest, preserve and grow their wealth; they are investing in global, multi-million dollar real estate deals.”

For their South African launch, Wealth Migrate looked to Cape Town’s City Bowl. Cape Town is often cited as one of the most popular cities in the world and the City Bowl is Cape Town’s blue-chip property sector. Zero-2-One earmarked as the first property on the new SA platform is to be the tallest building in the city and one of the most iconic in Africa. Comprising of 42 stories, the building will stand at over 148m tall and be used as a multi-use retail and residential lifestyle space, set to become a key CBD destination with 360-degree views of the city. Construction is scheduled to commence later this year and will be completed in 2020.

Thanks to disruptive technology entering this industry, access to real-estate investment opportunities is no longer as challenging as it once was. Pushing for trust and transparency in the industry, Wealth Migrate are spearheading the Fintech real-estate sector on a global level and moving with market trends to facilitate a lower barrier to entry, now offering a minimum investment from just R1 000 for South Africans. "Previously the best opportunities were only available to the 1% and thanks to technology disruptions, we’re excited to be able to assist HNWIs, institutions and a new market who want to invest in the same opportunities as the ultra-wealthy,” says Denise Hardman, GM for South Africa.

“Most people would love to play global monopoly and invest in the best opportunities in South Africa and First World markets. Well now they can. We have made it a reality.”

More information is available on the Wealth Migrate website.

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