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Private Property, together with the Khaya Lam Land Reform Project, will be giving away 30 title deeds on Wednesday 11 July 2018 to 30 families in Ngwathe, Parys.

Private Property have partnered with the Khaya Lam Land Reform Project to make a measurable, visible and tangible difference in South Africa. The aim is to help bring about economic and social upliftment through this project and Private Property have been proud to contribute to this vision.

What is the Khaya Lam Land Reform Project?

Under the previous government, millions of South Africans were unfairly dispossessed of their land. The Free Market Foundation’s Khaya Lam Land Reform Project aims to correct these previous injustices by helping black South Africans secure the title deeds to their land.

How are Private Property involved?

Private Property recently held a golf day in order to raise funds to pay for 30 title deeds. The event was fully supported by our partners in the real estate industry, and achieved the goal of securing 30 title deeds for 30 deserving families.

Title Deeds Ceremony

The handover of these 30 title deeds will be taking place in Ngathwe at the Master Nakedi Sports Centre in Tumahole, on 11 July 2018 at 10am. A member of the Private Property team, along with the Mayor of Ngathwe Municipality, Joey Mochela and Jasson Urbach, Director of the Free Market Foundation will be handing over the title deeds to 30 families, allowing them to experience the security, dignity and peace of mind associated with owning their own home.

The vision from this is to create social upliftment by initiating pride in land ownership, promoting respect for property rights and laying the foundation for a free and prosperous future for all South Africans.

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