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What is a title deed and who keeps it?
Simply put, the title deed is a document that proves legal ownership of a property in South Africa.
How can I get my partner’s name off my title deed?
Attorney, Denoon Sampson, talks about how to undo and terminate your ownership of property with another person.
Knowing the difference between a sectional title unit and a cluster
Sectional title and cluster developments may look similar but they are very different in terms of ownership. Here’s what you need to know.
Who pays the special levy when a property is being sold?
The payment of a special levy does not pass on to a buyer if the seller was still the registered owner of the property when the levy was raised.
What Do Conveyancing Attorneys Do, Who Appoints Them, and What are You Paying For?
Learn about the importance of conveyancing attorneys.
The property registration process
Concluding a written deed of sale The deed of sale (offer to purchase) is completed and signed by both the seller and the purchaser. This must be a written agreement. A written offer to purchase ...
What is servitude?
An explanation of the two main types of servitudes and how servitudes affect property values.
Title deeds, the Deeds Office and the Deeds Registry
Find out what a title deed is, who the Deeds Office are and what the Deeds Registry does.
Sellers: does your home comply with building regulations?
Not ensuring your home complies with building regulations could cause issues when you put it up for sale. A recent judgement handed down by the Western Cape’s High Court has highlighted the importance of making sure that the ...
Death and…property?
Generally speaking, nobody likes to dwell on the matter of their own demise. Unfortunately, it is something that none of us can escape and ignoring the consequences can make things that much harder for those left ...