South Africa, London, Australia, USA - where to invest in 2013? Here is a simple answer!

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Scott Picken

Would you like to know where to invest your money securely in 2013 while also getting the best returns? With so many investments options including Property, Gold, Stocks or the Bank, not to mention considering which market to invest in from UK, Australia, USA or South Africa, it can easy to make a mistake if you aren't an experienced investor.

A recent survey reported that 92% of local South African investors are highly dissatisfied with the private developers while over 80% of those who invest Offshore without any support lose money.

The key reasons for these failures are most investors make emotional decisions, don't know how to evaluate investments based on their personal needs, get advice from people who aren't experienced investors and don't have a world class team to advise them on all aspects concerning their investments from purchasing, legal, tax, ongoing management and maintenance.

No one can predict the future, but it is possible to make educated and informed decisions if you have a model or a framework upon which to make intelligent decisions. How do we decide where to invest - local or offshore, which country to invest in and what to invest in, stocks, bonds, property, the bank, etc

We are pleased to be hosting a LIVE webinar with Clem Sunter and Scott Picken who will be sharing with you a practical tool based on a 4 dimensional model taking all their research helping you make the best investment decisions for you and your families future.

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The webinar will be LIVE and interactive on the 19th of February at 7pm (SA time) so make sure you register your place now.

Clem Sunter is the Global Thought Leader on helping people with scenario planning and making intelligent about their future. Along with his world leading research, Scott Picken, IPS CEO, has developed a 4 dimensional model to take their research and turn it into a practical tool to help investors make the best decisions for their future.

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