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Private Property Culture and Careers
We are an online property marketplace that presents property listings, news and advice to property shoppers, real estate professionals and other industry partners.
Wall coverings to set your home apart
Paint and wallpaper are not the only wall-covering options for your home. Which other options are available?
How to find property bargains in bank-mandated sales
Bank-mandated sales are a good avenue to make viable property investments. This is what you need to know before making a decision.
5 easy ways to stage your home yourself
Home staging is an important step in the property selling process. How can you stage your home?
Seven things to remove from your house before selling
These seven things are important to ensure your home is ready for viewing because you have a few minutes to capture the attention of prospective buyers.
South Africa’s biggest online treasure hunt is heating up!
South Africa’s biggest online treasure hunt is on. How can you win?
How to get the best results from your digital event
The success of Private Property's first Virtual Property Show
The largest property expo in South Africa, The Virtual Property Show concluded on a high note
The Property Show went virtual this year as was an ultimate success.
Private Property R100K competition: the lucky winners
Meet the winners of the Private Property competition who walked away with 50K each.
Covid-19: While you’re staying in, we’re staying on
Private Property remains online during South Africa's lockdown.