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Rental market experiences small uptake, but growth still below par
Payprop’s State of the Rental Industry survey for April showed the industry is in a state of flux, but the most recent rental index reveals early signs of recovery.
The post-pandemic property market is digital
The digital space has continued to be a key driver of property business. Which dynamics are shaping this?
Bloemfontein residential property is akin to a ‘Teflon-coated’ market
Bloemfontein residential property market has recorded unprecedent activity and growth. What’s prevailing in this market?
First-time home buyers to the fore
South African first-time buyers across the country continue to capitalise on the favourable buying environment.
Repo rate unchanged
The Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has decided to keep the repo rate unchanged at 3.5%.What are the implications?
Property trends to watch as low-interest rates remain steady
Interest rates can negatively or positively affect business activity and trends in the property sector. Which property trends should you watch as low-interest rates remain steady?
Interest rate hikes held off for another quarter
The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has made an important interest rates announcement which is set to positively impact the property market.
Property market booms as medium-term outlook keeps repo rate below 4%
The residential property market in South Africa has continued to benefit from low and stable interest rates. What type of property decisions can be made?
How retirement property decisions affect estate planning
The type of home you choose in retirement can have a significant impact on your estate planning.
Container plants are in vogue as people spend more time at home
How to choose what suits your lifestyle and your home environment.