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Don’t wait to downscale - if that’s in your future plan
Waiting until the economy improves before selling is not always the right option. What’s the recommended timing?
Conversion of commercial property into residential units during the Covid-19 era
The trend of converting commercial property into residential units started before Covid-19 but has accelerated significantly in the last two years.
SA’s three busiest housing markets
The housing market in South Africa has been recording decent business activities. Which markets are the busiest?
Neighbourhoods that are attracting families in 2022
Which areas in South Africa are popular with families - and what are they looking for?
Significance of schools when choosing a family home
The area you live in often determines which schools your children may attend.
Momentum in property market as online sales make life easier for buyers and sellers
A change in mindset in recent years has seen property sales via online auction enter a new era...
Prime lending rate increased to 7.75%
A combined interest rate increase of 1% for the year to date is unlikely to have too negative an effect on the South African property market, say property professionals.
Property industry braces for more interest rate increases
For the second time in a row this year, the South African Reserve Bank increased the repo rate by 25 basis points, bringing the prime lending rate to 7.75%.
Remote working is likely to continue as technology advances
After an end to the forced work-from-home trend due to the Covid-19 pandemic - the long-term increase in remote working is likely to continue as technology progresses.
Should you fix the interest rate on your home loan?
Interest rates are a major factor in the property sector. How can you tell when it makes sense to fix your home loan interest rate.