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Employment shift drives new real estate trends
The current employment and entrepreneurial shifts are driving new trends in terms of where we live and work.
Does your household budget change in winter?
Struggling to make ends meet this winter? You might have forgotten to budget for a few household expenses that increase over the winter period.
How the interest rate decision affects you
An economist gives insight into the repo rate reduction and how it will affect consumers and the property market.
How the City of Johannesburg’s future is being forged
City of Johannesburg (COJ) Mayor, Herman Mashaba, talked exclusively to Private Property, about the value and growth of the inner city’s residential spaces and path towards rejuvenation.
Beyond SONA: the status quo of the Land Expropriation Bill
How the President will be dealing with Land Expropriation going forward.
How does tourism growth impact the real estate market?
With the president announcing further support for the tourism sector, what does this mean for the property market?
Household growth is fast outpacing population growth
According to the latest General Housing Survey, the number of households is increasing much more than the population. So what does this mean for the property market?
SONA debrief a property industry perspective
A property professional takes a look at the salient points from last night's State of the Nation Address.
Property market ideal for buyers
The property market remains weighted by the current economic situations, however this makes it a buyer's market.
Real estate market optimistic despite negative economic growth
Residential property market stakeholders share their thoughts on the status quo and the potential impacts on the sector.