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Super-wealthy eye luxury homes in SA
International investors are showing renewed interest in South Africa – and nowhere is this more clearly reflected than in the country’s luxury property sector.
Off-grid becomes more difficult for Cape Town home owners
City by-laws effectively remove the option of being off-grid and may also prove costly to the many home-owners who have installed alternative energy systems that may prove to be non-compliant
The main reasons South Africans are selling their homes
New data has revealed the key reasons for selling property and what this tells us about the state of the market.
R1bn in housing subsidies to boost property market
The announcement in the MTBPS that a billion rand will be allocated to housing subsidies will have a significant effect on the property market.
10 easy ways to save on your grocery bill
Between tax hikes and the escalating fuel price, 2018 has been a sad year for the consumer. But, all is not lost, because there are ways you can save on your groceries.
How South African feel about property right now
Research by a leading bank has revealed that property market sentiment declined further in the third quarter of 2018.
Property owners will need to hold on tight
In this tough economy, if you own a property do whatever you can to hold on to it as long as you can. If you have to sell, its vital to price your home correctly.
Better times ahead for South African property
Things are already looking up for home buyers and owners in SA thanks to a stronger rand, declining inflation and improving employment prospects.
What to do about a derelict property in your neighbourhood
It’s an eyesore, it seems to attract criminal activity, and it’s bringing down your property value. What to do when there’s an unmaintained property in your neighbourhood?
5 fascinating facts about South African real estate
RE/MAX of Southern Africa has compiled some fascinating dinner conversation trivia that you might like to mention at your next formal sit down.