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Financial tips: How to make your money work for you
In order to be financially free, you need to manage your money effectively and make it work for you. Here are some tips on how to do that.
How to protect your identity – and your access to credit
Identity theft continues to grow worldwide and despite efforts to fight the epidemic, criminals are still defrauding victims at an alarming rate.
Affordable housing is outperforming the rest of the market
According to the latest FNB Property Barometer, affordable homes are showing the best house price growth and are selling faster.
Evictions: balancing landlord and tenant rights
Many tenants believe that they cannot be forced to vacate a property if they cannot find alternative accommodation, but this is not always the case.
Security tips for renters
It’s imperative for tenants to consider the security of a property before signing on the dotted line.
Home buyers who enter the market now could get a double benefit
Shaun Rademeyer, CEO of BetterBond, believes that buyers should enter the market now rather than wait for further repo rate drops.
Rates decision very disappointing for economy and property
The decision to retain the repo rate is very disappointing for the economy and property market, says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.
This Concourt judgement is a big win for real estate
The Constitutional Court has ruled that property owners can no longer be held liable for historical municipal debt on their property.
Tips for selling a vacant home
A vacant home is a target for criminals. Here’s how you can safeguard your asset when it is up for sale.
How South Africans feel about property in 2017
A survey by ABSA has revealed how South Africans feel about buying, selling, investing and renting property.