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Home Loan Tips For Repeat Buyers
Purchasing a home is an exciting time for any home buyer regardless of whether it’s their first or second time. What home loan tips could you as a repeat buyer make note of for the second time around?
Planning to sell? Don’t exit the market now
If your home has already been listed for sale, now is not the time to take it off the market - and if you are thinking of selling for any reason, now’s the time to get it listed.
Millennials - it's your time to get a foot on the property ladder
The current financial crisis in which we find ourselves presents a unique opportunity for Millennials and first-time buyers who might now be able to find their dream home at an affordable price.
Impacts of the repo rate cuts on the private property market
Past, present and future - we track how the repo rate has impacted the property market, and what the recent rate cuts mean for home buyers and sellers.
Opportunity knocks again for low-income home buyers
As interest rates tumble, this bodes well for low-income buyers to get a foot on the property ladder.
Repo rate cut sure to boost property
The lowest repo rate in almost 50 years could help the property market to weather the current recession.
Here's why you should plan to buy property now
If there is any way you can afford it, you should start planning to get into the property market as soon as possible.
7 ways to respond to Moody's downgrade
The experts weigh in on what Moody's downgrade will actually mean for the people of South Africa right now.
Lockdown is a good time to undertake home maintenance
The SA government’s decision to lockdown, despite its economic woes, places value on human life above all else, and provides opportunities to look at the state of your home, and reassess your values.
Will Coronavirus impact the property market?
Coronavirus impact unlikely to derail residential property market in the long term.