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Budgeting for a single-income household
Tips for budgeting when you receive just one income.
Advice for buying a property on a single income
Single women make up the largest portion of real estate buyers in South Africa, showing that buying property on a single income is possible.
Buying an investment home for retirement
Practical steps on how you can buy a property that meets your immediate and long term needs.
Getting onto the property ladder during Covid-19
Practical steps on starting your property journey during the current pandemic.
Get your finances in order – it’s the ideal time to buy a new home
Here's what you need to consider to buy a home during this ideal time.
Financial empowerment for women
Financial empowerment will enable more women in South Africa to buy property.
What to do after you've been blacklisted
There are steps one can take after being blacklisted to restore one's credit record.
Should you fix your interest rate, now at a historic 50-year low?
Interest rates are key when dealing with loan repayments. Can the current economic climate be the best time to fix interest rates?
Effective home updates for the cash-strapped seller
Being low on funds shouldn't stop you from renovating your home. Here's how you can do that on a tight budget.
A sole mandate helps you sell in a buyer's market
Selling in a buyer's market may come with challenges. Here's how to overcome them.