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The case for buying a real estate franchise vs running your own property business
The property industry provides opportunities to entrepreneurs. Which one is a better option between a franchise and your own property business?
Winter should be ‘busy season’ for most estates
Home renovations should be done under the right conditions. Should homeowners and estates tackle any construction or renovation projects in winter?
Franchisees award Rawson Property Group with “Best Real Estate Franchisor in SA”
Rawson Property Group has made tremendous strides under very challenging circumstances and this accolade has come as a cheery on top of all the success.
The rise of the new Zoom towns…...or why your last holiday getaway could be your new home
The semigration movement is seeing a reinvigoration of many coastal towns which were largely inhabited by retirees.
How estate agents can achieve work/life balance
Balancing your professional and personal life is essential for success. How can this be achieved?
Private Property set to host Nexus 2021
Private Property is hosting Nexus which is expected to attract industry experts and leaders. What is the significance of this event?
REBOSA takes EAAB to court
REBOSA’s application will request a court order forcing the EAAB to issue all outstanding FFCs due to agents who have otherwise met all their professional obligations.
10 characteristics of successful estate agents
Estate agents provide an important service in the property sector. What does it take to be a successful real estate agent?
Buying or selling? Why you should be on your estate agent’s “hotlist”
How to become your real estate agent's priority client.
How to make the switch into real estate
What it takes to start a career in real estate