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How to spot a fake buyer
Advice for sellers and agents on how to avoid being scammed.
What you need to know about the Property Practitioners Act
The Property Practitioners Act now just needs the President’s signature to come into effect, and when it does it will bring about many significant changes in South Africa’s property sector.
The role and benefits of using estate agents
Estate agents specialising in residential property sales and letting can provide a great service to a buyer or seller.
Top tips for selling your home in a buyers market
Home sellers need to pull out all the stops to ensure they yield the highest possible return in the shortest possible time, during tough economic times.
The Generation Z effect
Generation Z will soon be entering the property market and are likely to shake things up.
5 tips to get your home sold faster
Selling a home is stressful, here's how to lessen your stress and make sure that your home doesn't take too long to sell.
Buying and selling simultaneously
Buying and selling homes simultaneously can cause homeowners to make some rash decisions, here's how to avoid this.
6 rules for buyers working with estate agents
A good estate agent is invaluable to buyers looking for their dream home. Here are six tips for keeping your agent onside.
Checklist for choosing an estate agent
Some advice on how to go about choosing the right estate agent.
How to speed up your property transfer
Transfer delays can be both frustrating and costly, but the risks can be significantly minimised with expert advice and having one’s ducks in a row.