Compact storage spaces for bathrooms

Compact storage spaces for bathrooms

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Sarah-Jane Meyer

Bathrooms should not just be a place to shower, bath, wash your face, and brush your teeth. A cleverly designed bathroom can be a refuge from the bustling world – but to achieve this, it needs to be attractively laid out and well-organised.

“Hidden cabinets, wall shelving, under-vanity, and over-vanity storage spaces are just some of the ways of creating a bathroom that appears more spacious and organised,” says interior designer Storme Conradie, director of Signature Made.


She recommends the following to optimise bathroom storage:

Use multifunctional mirrors with storage: They hide the clutter and reflect and bounce light around the room, creating the illusion of more space.

Choose a floating vanity unit: Lifting a storage unit off the floor visually makes a previously cramped room feel larger while still giving you the storage space you need.

Opt for drawers rather than cabinets: Don’t underestimate drawers for your above vanity space. Drawers have several advantages over cupboard units - they allow you to see all the contents when opened and maximise every centimetre of height in the vanity without taking up more space.

Maximise the height of your bathroom by installing floor - to-ceiling shelves: Rattan or fabric containers are ideal for storing all your bathroom knick-knacks on the shelves in an appealing way. You can also use them to roll your towels for hotel-feel linen storage.

Build recessed shelves if you have the option: In this way, you can create more space without cutting into your bathroom area.

Wall : mounted storage and shelf options will free up counter space, creating a less cluttered effect.


Above all, says Conradie, you should opt for custom-built joinery if it’s possible.

“Every room is different and so are your needs. This full customisation is worth every cent to maximise storage solutions.”

Advantages include:

• Custom joinery enables you to optimise an existing space for maximum functionality and aesthetics.

• You can tailor the design to suit your personality, lifestyle, and space.

• You will have greater freedom in designing form and proportion, as well as texture and materials.

• You can create a holistic and seamless look that ties in with the architecture of your home.

Custom joinery is usually more expensive than off-the-shelf and flatpack joinery products. However, it is an investment that can completely transform and add value to any space.


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