Property Buyer Show 2017 | Cypriot Realty chats about offshore investments.

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Jenny from Cypriot Realty offers useful tips and advice on how to secure an offshore investment.

Vlogger, Marc Maurel: So I'm here with Jenny from Cypriot Realty. This is obviously offshore investing and quite unique, quite different. Something that we're going to find out more about and how to secure perhaps your investments offshore.

Jenny: Cyprus has currently got the best residency program in Europe. It's the only one where three generations of the same family all get residency status for life by buying a single property. So that would be main applicant, spouse, all children up to the age of 25, and both sets of parents, including the in-laws if that's what you want.

Jenny: So no other country in Europe offers that. It gives you your visa-free entry, of course, into Cyprus, and we get your travel visa, but more importantly, life continues in South Africa, but you've got your asset overseas that you bought on the regular market. You earn a nice Euro-based income.

Jenny: Life continues here, but should you need you go and resign in the country, there you go, you've got your residency permanent for life.

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