Should landlords make use of a Rental Agent?

Should landlords make use of a Rental Agent?

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Q&A with Michelle Dickens from the Tenant Profile Network.


So we found that delinquent tenants particularly target individual landlords. The idea is the individual landlords don't have access to Credit Bureau information, they don't have access to the right tools to manage their properties, to collect their rent, debit order systems and that sought of infrastructure. They target the landlord, wanting specifically to not pay rent and to squat on the property.

A rental agent has access to all these tools: the credit check to place the quality tenant upfront; the property management system to manage collection of the rent; the debit order to collect the rent timeously on the 1st of every month; access to a variety of tenants via their database to place quality tenants in the property.

So we always suggest that a landlord, especially if they are new and they maybe only have one property and its not something that they are going to be focused on, that they should outsource the management of their property to a specialist.

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