What does sales training mean to you? Financial freedom or poverty? Which do you choose?

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Scott Picken

"If you want something you've never had before, you must do something you've never done before. " - Drina Reed


Do you want more money, freedom, time with your family, overseas holidays, financial independence or event financial freedom? In this video I share with you the secret how you can achieve it. Do you know that 94% of people retire poor, dependent on the government or still have to work at 65. Only 1% retire rich. Also 5% of self made millionaires in USA are sales people who worked for companies. So how did they do it?

In sales the top 1% earns the majority of the money and so if you want to be like them there is one simple solution. Model them. Learn what they are doing and do the same. It is the principle of cause and effect. Find out the effects you want and then implement the same causes. The best thing is that we all start in the bottom 10% and then we work our way up. The one thing which is NB is that the best in South Africa is no longer good enough. You have to model the best globally!

The speed at which we work our way to the top and our ultimate destiny is determined by our decisions, the action we take and whether we are prepared to invest in ourselves.

In this video Scott Picken shares with you the multiplication effect, compounding and how to reach the top 1% and ultimately have all the freedom you want in your life.

For more information go to www.doubleyoursales.co.za

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