What is bridging finance?

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There was on old man named Keith, who had an unfortunate incident with his teeth….

Keith (a seller) had an unfortunate incident which resulted in broken dentures and he needed new ones in a hurry!! He wasn’t sure what he was going to do as new dentures are a little pricey and he didn’t have the funds immediately available. Luckily for Keith, his attorney had told him about Bridging Finance and after making contact with our friendly sales consultant, had the necessary cash in next to no time at all!

Did you know that approximately only 5% of sellers in the property market make use of bridging finance services. This means that there are potentially 95% of sellers in the property market who are not even aware of bridging finance! Are you one of them?

Bridging finance is a short term advance of the profit in the sale of your home, and can be for any number of uses.

We understand that the transfer process when selling your home is an expensive time, making you financially vulnerable with no access to excess funds on your bond for a time etc.

Rodel Financial Services has aided clients with securing deposits on those dream homes that had to happen NOW! We’ve aided in the replacement of dentures, ensured hospital admissions, saved cars from repossession, helped finance new kitchens and even paid for school and university fees and all in a very short turn-around time (75% of our deals pay out within 24 hours).

For fast, efficient and friendly assistance please contact us at Rodel Property Bridging Finance: 086 127 6335 www.rodel.co.za

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