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Pay your rent or face the consequences
Sectional title property presents many problems for landlords when it comes to a small amount of tenants who are living large lives that they cannot sustain, which result in rent, levies and other obligations not being paid. ...
Buying a home: you don’t have to go it alone
Buying a property is a big decision – possibly one of the most momentous decisions you’ll ever make and one that has the potential to affect your financial well-being far into the future. So it ...
The practical value of a property inspection report
With the CPA now law, property sellers (and their agents, if they are not selling privately) are obligated to disclose all defects.
Today's home buyer must-have's
While each homebuyer will have their own criteria as to what their home must have based on their life stage and personal preference, there are a few key elements that homebuyer’s seem to agree on..
Mind the rents and the rands will take care of themselves
Current market conditions and the banks’ strict lending criteria have created a strong demand in the rental market in Fourways.
A non-paying tenant simply messes things up don’t they? You buy a property, after making a commercial decision as to its viability, yield etc You rely on the monthly rental to gear yourself and to allow you to bask in the glory ...
Beware the Erring Tenant
There are many South African landlords who have good relationships with their tenants. Unfortunately, there are also a large number who do not. Renting out property should be a win-win situation for all. The homeowner pays off ...
6 surefire ways to create wealth through property
How to create wealth when others see distress The most frequently asked question I get from investors is “when will the market recover?” My stock answer is, “why is that important to you?” ...
Last year I wrote a lot about the ten fundamentals that encouraged me to buy more residential investment units. ABSA and FNB released data recently so I thought it would be a good to revisit some of the relevant indicators that ...
Are landlord’s rights being hijacked along with the property they own?
Leasing out property has become a bit of a nightmare for the average man on the street.