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No boost for property from SONA
This year's SONA was more of the same, with little in it to boost the confidence needed to re-energise the economy and property market.
How new property laws could affect the Cape Winelands
The government’s plans to restrict foreign ownership of agricultural land could potentially have a negative outcome on the Cape Winelands and South Africa’s growing tourism sector as a whole.
Will new visa regulations affect the property market?
South Africa's new visa requirements for visitors entering the country have been detrimental to the tourism industry. Will they affect the property industry too?
Is unrest giving South African property a bad name?
Xenophobia, service delivery protests, vandalised statues, rising crime – South Africa is facing unprecedented levels of unrest at the moment. What does this mean for the local property market? South Africa currently appears to ...
Now is not the time to scare off investment
President Jacob Zuma’s announcement at SONA that government plans on banning foreign ownership of land has created a stir in the property industry.  Land ownership has always been a thorny issue in South Africa. In part it has ...
The foreign land ownership issue
Many people are up in arms over the proposed ban on foreign land ownership. But will it really have that big an effect on the local property market?
Real estate is 2014’s top performer
South African investors have a fairly positive outlook on expected rates of return for this year (12.4%) and over the next 10 years (16.9%) and are highly optimistic about reaching their financial goals (87%), according to the ...
Prospect of EU citizenship attracts international property buyers to Malta
The Maltese government has introduced a programme through which citizens from non-EU states can acquire Maltese citizenship.
Know Your Property Rights
While most of us have kept our eyes firmly on the Protection of State Information Bill, another Bill, which is guaranteed to significantly change the lives of some South Africans and one that could have an extremely negative ...
The Foreign Question
The news that foreigners will be prohibited from owning agricultural land in South Africa has caused more than a few eyebrows to be raised.