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How to beat rental crooks
Bogus agents and landlords are using the increasing demand for rental property to scam potential tenants. Here’s how you can avoid being defrauded.
Protecting yourself from identity theft
A current court case, dealing with a house that was sold fraudulently, has highlighted the risks of identity theft. Here’s what you need to know.
Holiday rental nightmares
For some who rented accommodation online, this holiday seasons has had a bitter start, after they they were scammed. Here's how to avoid your holiday becoming a disaster.
How tenants can protect themselves from identity theft
Tenants can be left vulnerable by having to provide sensitive information to future landlords. Here’s how they can protect themselves from their information being misused.
How to spot a dodgy landlord
There are landlords and then there are landlords…some are good and some are just plain bad. So how do you know what you are letting yourself in for when you rent a home?
Agents warn of new high-end property scam
A number of leading estate agents are cautioning the sellers of high-end homes against scammers who are putting in offers without having any intention of actually buying the property.
Rental scams - avoid becoming a victim!
Here are a few ways to tell whether you are dealing with the actual owner/agent of the property or whether it is just another elaborate attempt to rob you of your hard-earned cash.
Beware of property scams
There are numerous cons relating to property, make sure you know what to look out for.
“But … I booked …”
Picture this: you’ve saved up all year to go on holiday and enjoy some time off at the beach with your loved ones. You’ve booked your holiday rental online, packed your bags and arrive at your intended lodgings – only to be told ...
You've been conned!
An absolutely horrific story appeared in the Pretoria News last week about a group of prospective tenants who had all forked out large sums of money to rent the same property. During the investigation it came to light that at ...